CUP realizes that sending your staff to another province for NASH can be expensive. With that in mind, we’ve put together some info on how to gather some cash to help pay the way. Some papers have been known to fundraise upwards of $10,000 in NASH funding. Here’s how to get started.

Within your school:

Your school likely has funds set aside to send student like you to events just like this one. Here are some ideas on who to go after for money.

  • Central Administration/President
  • Office of the VP Academic (or suitable counterpart at your school)
  • Alumni Office
  • Student Union
  • Faculties and departments
  • Faculty and department student associations

Don’t be afraid to send letters to people in each of these places; it’s very likely they all have separate budgets for funding educational experiences for students and will all contribute.

When approaching faculties/departments or their respective student associations, it works well if you have a student in that department who is attending the conference request funding to send them personally.

Media associations:

Media corporations will often sponsor media-related and charitable events to improve their standing in the community. Try hitting up your local versions of the following media

  • Local newspapers
  • Local television stations
  • Local radio stations
  • Local CBC/CTV affiliates
  • Local press clubs
  • Major news outlet bureaus (CP, Postmedia, etc…)

It can be hard to get a hold of people in some of these places, but if you send in a professional application and then follow up, they’ll likely take notice.

Don’t be afraid to be persistent; if you feel ignored it’s likely that the person you’re trying to reach is just busy and means to get back to you. Keep calling and e-mailing. Remember to start early as many organizations use up their funding early into their fiscal year.